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Harvest Magic In Hunter Valley

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

There’s something special about the height of summer. And in Hunter’s Valley, this time of year, January through to March, is no exception. Come to our pastures and experience Hunter Valley day tours! You might want to extend your stay and become an apprentice winemaker…

Vintage Time Is Harvest Season

In vinery jargon, “vintage” means the year the wine was bottled. The term also encompasses the different climatic and cultivation factors the grapes endured throughout their season. During the first three months of the year, it’s “vintage time”, when all the winemakers and vineyard staff are getting their hands dirty at their busiest! Grapes are hand-picked and sorted, and wine is made.

Events are a-plenty, and you get to join in on the action if adventure and excitement are what you seek. Some estates have exciting activities for kids, so while you stomp grapes in a barrel and take part in wine bottling and tasting, your children have a great diversity of suitable activities to keep them entertained.

Variety Of Offerings

Since summer is well underway, restaurants are buzzing with exciting menus, gourmet specialities and the freshest and heartiest seasonal ingredients. Estates also offer gourmet alfresco meals, and if you’ve signed up for the wine-making process, you’ll get to tuck into three-course meals paired with divine wines and enjoy live music in true winemaker style.

Another privilege this time of year is for you to partake in a Baumé (a density measurement) analysis and taste the estate’s wine at each stage of its development. There will be plenty of juices and ferments to sample, and you will also get an insider’s glimpse into the fascinating world of wine blending and all its intricacies.

Valentine’s Day

A special day traditionally reserved for mid-Feb, it's an honoured day by young and old. Whether it’s a new love or the love of your lifetime, every day can be Valentine’s! Hunter Valley is a befitting setting for your unique romance, and with your beloved at your side, what a memorable occasion it will be to become temporary winemakers!

If you wish for a peaceful time, there are bespoke private tours for two which you can book. Nothing is more luxurious than being whisked around by your personal chauffeur and expert guide. There are extraordinary family-owned wineries to visit and an excellent cheese and wine pairings to experience along the way.

Hunter Valley Winery Tours will ensure your experience every magical event you may wish for with our bespoke Hunter Valley day tours. Contact us today, and stomp your feet into 2023’s vinery activities!

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