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Pairing WIne: An Exciting World Of Exploration

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Are you aware that the best Hunter Valley wine tours offer much more than just wine tasting? The winery world is full of adventures and fun. Take a look at wine pairing and you won't look back!

3 Fantastic Wine Pairing Options

1) Wine & Sumptuous Food

When you discover which wines go well with certain dishes, you will give your taste buds a taste sensation they won’t forget! The truth is certain foods, combined with specific wine types, share key flavour components and enhance the overall taste experience. Red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon go fabulously well with red meats. White wines pair better with veggies and fish. A sparkling wine is a brilliant match for anything. As you explore, it will get more detailed, and that's what's fun about it!

2) Wine & Glorious Cheese

Wine and cheese are on opposite ends of the taste spectrum. Combined, creamy cheese and acidic wine create a very pleasant taste sensation that registers in the brain as a good match. Cheese also enhances the flavour of white wines and cuts the astringency of reds. Since ancient times, wine-making and cheese-making have coexisted. Artisan producers often create both, and both can take years to mature. The secret in the pairing is twofold. Like-for-like has lighter wines that go well with mild cheese; sweet or heavy wines with more mature flavoured cheese. Opposite cheese and wine tastes can also attract. Think of pairing a fresh, tangy white wine with buttery, fresh cheese or dessert wine with salty, hard cheese.

3) Wine & Delectable Chocolates

What makes wine and chocolates a likely pair? Is it taste preferences, specific chemical reactions, or emotional and psychological triggers? The answer might be subjective. However, most connoisseurs agree certain wines pair perfectly with chocolate, such as cabernets, merlots, syrahs and even champagne. Both chocolates and wine contain antioxidants: flavonoids in chocolate and tannins in wine. Combined, they have a synergy that enhances each other. The secret for the pairing is “complementary”, so go with dark chocolate to full-bodied wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon and milk chocolate to Merlot, Pinot Noir, Verdello, and other dessert wines. Don’t pair high-tannin red wines with dark chocolate, as they are both bitter and are unlikely to blend well.

Welcome To Wine O’clock

Hunter Valley is a mecca for all things wine. Wines and culinary delights are available year-round here. With Hunter Valley Winery Tours, you can choose from day tours, mid-week trips, and weekend getaways. You'll find lots of fabulous restaurants, well-established cellars, and other activities like cheese and chocolate tastings. Wine o'clock can be a delight at any hour and you can even have your tour tailored to your preference.

Our Hunter Valley wine tours are the best. Call us today! Exploring wine pairings is an adventure you won't want to miss. Salute!


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