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How To Get The Most Of Your Private Wine Tours In Hunter Valley

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

When it comes to wine sampling, tasting, pairing, and sheer enjoyment of fine wine, there are few experiences quite like the hunter valley private tours available in Hunter Valley. Sipping the perfect wine and having a spectacular memory of discovery is truly a memorable experience.

Whether you are trying to fill a bit of spare time or plan to enjoy a total wine pilgrimage, at Hunter Valley Wine Tours, we know exactly how to create a tour that suits your needs, time, and budget. We also know that there are several ways in which you can make sure that you get the very best out of your experience with us.

Planning is key when it comes to having a successful and enjoyable wine tour. Here are some of our guidelines on how to be prepared:

Make Sure That You Plan Your Outfit Wisely

Comfortable shoes and sun protection (sunglasses and a hat) are a definite must! You’ll want to wander through the grounds and be able to savour the experience without feeling constricted by your outfit choices.

Practice Caution With Regards To Perfumes And Tastes Before A Wine Tour

The best practice is to refrain from anything that may overpower the wine. Anything from coffee to smoking cigars or chewing fruity gum could have an adverse effect on your palette and lessen your enjoyment of the wine.

Speak To Our Team About Restaurant Recommendations Ahead Of Time

It’s always best to plan for a delicious regional meal ahead of time so that you know it is built into your itinerary. We have some great suggestions for you!

Ask The Wine Producers Or Guides For More Information

The main point of your interaction and experience is to learn more about the wines you are being offered, and you will be in direct contact with the people best geared to answering any queries you may have.

Make Notes

After a fun-filled tour of various wineries and the various wines on offer, it could be difficult to recall the exact details of wines you enjoyed or wines that you found paired well with something specific. Making notes helps you keep track, so you know which wine to order when the time comes.

Most of all, enjoy the experience, be open to trying new wines and savour the experience.

Speak To Our Team Today For Your Own Experience

Private wine tours allow you the luxury of your own vehicle, your own pace, your own experience. Talk to us today about private wine tours in Hunter Valley by calling 0419 719 994 or use our contact form here.


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