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Hearty Hunter Valley Day Tours

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Imagine yourself basking in the sun- sipping on fine wine, indulging in delectable treats and enjoying the company of loved ones. Hunter Valley day tours are the perfect opportunity to have this dream come alive! Continue reading for a sneak peek into the world of one of the best private wine tasting tours in Australia.

What’s On Offer

Boasting some of Newcastle's finest providers, the selection of day tours truly is nothing short of magical! Day tours and packages are available for between 1- 200 people, so no group is ever too small or party too large! Door-to-door pick means that you can let loose while we take care of the rest! If you’d like to bring your kids along, you can rest assured knowing that child-friendly vehicles and car seats are available.

Public Tours

Public tours are shared experiences that start as low as $95 per person. These tours are essentially pre-planned and invite you to jump on board a shared tour bus. Not only will you enjoy a wide range of fine wines, but you’ll also get to relish the produce from local breweries and distilleries along the way.

Private Tours

Private tours are available for as little as $115 per person. When you book a private tour, you can look forward to; visiting 4-5 wineries- enjoying what’s on offer, a gourmet cellar restaurant lunch as well as cheese and other unique tastings. Tours are fully customisable, and the Hunter Valley team looks forward to creating a memorable experience suited to both your wishes and your budget!

4 Reasons To Book A Wine Tour

  • You get to enjoy a vast range of wineries as well as delicious local produce

  • Socialisation is good for the soul, and public tours are the perfect occasion to meet new people

  • Tours are good fun with all the activities, tasting, and laughs, so definitely ensure a memorable excursion!

  • Discover more about the history and creation of different wines and come to a greater appreciation of them.

If you want to experience all the hidden gems of Newcastle, Australia, a Hunter Valley day tour is undoubtedly the way to go about it! We can take you anywhere your heart desires! Get in touch to book your dream tour.


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