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Discover What Makes A Private Wine Tour To The Hunter Valley The Perfect Choice For A Getaway

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Private wine tours are synonymous with luxury. And despite the vivid pandemic, private wine tours in the Hunter Valley are among the safest, protocol observant getaways available, without having to sacrifice too much of the authenticity of your experience.

Aside from health and safety benefits, there are other advantages to choosing a private wine tour over traditional pre-packaged tours.

Covid Safe

As of 01 November 2021, regional recreational and holiday visits to New South Wales are allowed without travellers needing to register their information.

Covid Safe check-ins and proof of vaccinations are required for staff and customers in most settings. For private tour groups, you'll find that tour operators evaluate group sizes and adopt the appropriate safety precautions. All staff will be up to date with local and regional guidelines.

Booking a private tour is the safest option for limiting the spread of the virus as you can travel in your own bubble - with people you already know.

Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

Meeting new people on tour can sometimes be one of the highlights, but there's always a chance of being placed on a tour with someone whose personality dampens the experience - to put it lightly.

Custom private wine tours can accommodate groups of varying sizes, from an intimate romantic getaway to a memorable gathering for you and your best friends. By booking a private wine tasting tour, you're guaranteed an unforgettable experience with the people you know and love.

Gain Access To Exclusive Experiences

It is possible to book a getaway without the help of a tour operator. Still, it means you'll miss out on incredible offers and experiences not available to the general public. This can mean anything from private tastings with winemakers to exclusive offers on spa treatments, meals and winemaking making experiences.

Travel Your Way

Private wine tours are specifically tailored to suit the guests’ needs. A tour operator would be equipped to take you anywhere you want to visit in the Hunter Valley.

You can also craft your tour to include any of the activities on the tour operator’s portfolio, or add a few of your own ideas to the mix. A private tour is a perfect opportunity to collaborate with a tour operations team to design your dream getaway down to the finest detail.

Travel On Your Own Time

Anyone who has been on their fair share of tours will have at least one recollection of a time they wished they could have stayed a little longer. On a private winery tour - you can.

The only schedule you'll have to stick to is your own. Your group will be able to explore all the Hunter Valley has to offer at your own pace. Sometimes you'll find pre-packaged tour dates just don't fit in with your current schedule of responsibilities, but with a customised tour package, you can set departure dates to suit you.

Exclusive Access To An Expert Guide

By choosing to embark on a private tour, you'll gain full access to an experienced guide who will have the time to answer all of your questions. In addition, a guide will be able to provide expert insights into the Hunter region and its hidden gems.

So if you have an idea of what you'd like your getaway to look like but don't want to be locked into a pre-packaged itinerary, then a specially tailored experience is the way to go. We have wine tours and experience to suit all desires and budgets - all of which can be fully customised or built from scratch by our team of experts.

Private wine tours with Hunter Valley Winery Tours are carefully curated from start to finish, which means you'll benefit from all of the adventure with none of the stress.

Discover our tours, and contact us to book your tailored experience today.


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