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Personalised, Pleasure-Filled Private Wine Tours Hunter Valley

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

After a relentless year of battling pandemic fatigue, it’s high time you found something to be stoked about again outside of your home. And what better way to ignite that normalcy than an adventure in Hunter Valley, beckoning with freedom, cuisine and personalised, private wine tasting tours.

Why Choose Us

Since the 1820s, Hunter Valley, one of Australia’s Edenic jewels, has been cultivated by fervent familial generations to produce world-class wine. In this contemporary time, the literal fruit of their labours has been coupled with leisure, inviting you to frequent boutique wineries dotting the valley.

Surely, the best way to pay homage to their efforts is to indulge in their offerings, sampling their liquid delights, walking the land, learning the history, and nurturing your own stories to spin at your next gathering, complete with a bottle of your new-found favourite vin de table and sounding like a sommelier. In every sense, Hunter Valley provides that secluded place where dreams and reality collide, and we want to help create yours, especially after a world whirlwind.

Well-Earned, Safe Luxury Tours

Now, faced with a new normal, it's understandable to want to prioritise your and your loved ones’ safety without forgoing fun. Put those infection fears aside - a private wine tour is exactly that: it's your day and your choices, specially crafted to your well-being and desires. With the aid of our expert guides, you choose the partner vineyards to explore, the restaurants to dine at, and the activities that meet your palatable preferences, from cocktail making to chocolate tasting, all in the company of trusted mates. Your professional guide will escort you to each venue, providing educational insights about the region and take care of your needs. Because you have the option to tour remote wineries, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be social distancing and creating unique memories sequestered from the outside world.

So are you eager to venture out into the open again and reward your endurance with a memorable retreat? Make your booking with Hunter Valley Winery Tours today at for an affordable personalised, pampering private wine tour in the glorious Hunter Valley.


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