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Hunter Valley Private Tours In Winter: What Makes Them Special

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

If you want to visit Hunter Valley, you may wonder which season is best. The answer is simple: this region is ideal throughout the year. Every season has something unique to offer, and how you enjoy your private tours in Hunter Valley depends on your expectations.

5 Special Reasons Why You Will Love Hunter Valley This Winter

  • Skip The Queues And Long Waits

Since many of us hibernate during the winter, many desirable and wonderful places are less frequented during this time of year. Winter is the perfect time to avoid the crowds. It's an opportunity to spend more time during a private tour to learn more about what interests you, be it at a winery or a cheese farm. A tranquil environment will ensure you’ll get the most out of your experience.

  • Seasonal Discounts

It is possible to avoid some of the higher prices during the busy season by coming in the winter. Besides more affordable accommodations, you can also take advantage of tour specials and reduced prices on certain wines and other seasonal produce. Having some fun with your purchases and feeling guilt-free is a wonderful thing!

  • Special Wines

Pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, and mulled wine are perfect for cold winter nights! All red wine lovers will enjoy this season. Not a fan? A wide variety of red wines are available, and you might be pleasantly surprised to find one you like. It is also the time of year when wineries prepare their cellars for the release of new wines. You will be one of the first to taste these new wines.

  • Stunning Winter Vistas

At Hunter Valley, the aesthetics change in the winter and you can gain a different perspective and appreciation of the vineyards, which are bare at that time of year. During this season, nature trail walks and gardens provide stunning landscapes.

  • Social Fashion And Photography

Winter tours provide a wonderful excuse to pack your best winter fashion. Whether you are an avid Instagrammer or a keen photographer, there won’t be a shortage of delights to share with your followers, friends and family. You will be ahead of the crowd with the most likes and comments when you post unusual outdoor winter vignettes.

Bonus Reason: Include Your Kids, Please!

During the June winter holidays, kids can also enjoy special curated events. Tobogganing and ice skating are popular activities at Snow Time in the Garden. The 'Burning of the Barrel' event normally takes place in the middle of June at Glandore Estate, where young and old can enjoy a giant bonfire.

Now that you are inspired by the idea of a winter getaway, gather your crew and book a Hunter Valley private tour with Hunter Valley Winery Tours today. Check out how you can get a free private tour this winter!


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