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How Wine Tours Work

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Wine tasting tours are an educational and enjoyable experience that can open your eyes to the local area, different tastes and a new skill to show off. Wine tasting tours involve experiencing different wineries, learning more about what makes the region so special and why each wine you’ll be tasting is unique.

Here, we’ll look at how some of the best Hunter Valley wine tours work and what you can get out of the experience.

1) Pickup

Wine tasting tours can be personalised at your convenience. Whether you need to be picked up from the airport, your home or current accommodation, the tour company will meet you where you're at and take you to your next gorgeous location. Your wine tasting tour company can also personalise your transport to meet your needs, such as a shuttle for big groups or even child-friendly vehicles with car seats.

2) Experience Different Wineries

On a wine tasting tour, you will get to experience different wineries and taste a variety of wines. Working your way through the magnificent Hunter Valley, you will visit various wineries, including Adina Winery, Gartelmann Winery and Stomp! Wines. Between visiting wineries and wine tasting, you can stop by beautiful restaurants for lunch, where you can also add chocolate and cheese tasting to your itinerary.

3) The Tasting

The most obvious activity that happens during a wine tour is wine tasting! During the wine tasting, you’ll be offered a variety of wines to taste with key information about the wine shared by professional sommeliers. You’ll learn how the specific wine you’re tasting was made, when it was made, what the ingredients are and how much each wine costs per bottle.

4) Add The Extras

Wine tours are all about making a memorable experience. That’s why a lot of wine tours will have the option of adding extra fun activities to make your wine tasting tour that much better! You can add in cocktail making, brewery tours, chocolate tasting, cheese tasting, wine pairing and more!

Looking for an unforgettable experience to celebrate with friends, family or loved ones? Hunter Valley Wine Tours offers the best wine tours in the Hunter Valley. Our company is dedicated to creating unique experiences through our range of wine tour packages suited for private tours, shared tours, and custom tours crafted to your needs. We have great relationships with the best wineries in the Hunter Valley and partner with expert tour guides that will bring you the real deal! Find out more about our incredible wine tours by contacting us today!


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