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How to pick the best day tour.

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Selecting the best tour for you - here are our 5 Top Tips for picking a day tour.

Are you heading up to the Hunter Valley for a weekend away with a group or as a romantic getaway? Are you looking to do a day tour of the wineries of the Hunter Valley?

Hunter Valley Winery Tours has over 5 years experience and has run well over 101 tours, so we have put together 5 top tips when picking the best day tour for your group or special day.

Did you know some Hunter Valley wineries do a "stomp" day where you can come and make the wine with them?

1. Experience

Find a company that has experience in running tours, so you know you're in expert hands. They should have connections with wineries that have a large variety of wine for you to taste. make sure the wineries are Boutique to give you the best experience and to taste wines that you can't find in your local bottle shop

2. Flexibility

Choose a wine tour that has the flexibility of multiple pick-up/drop-off points, or that can pick a collection point that suits you. The last thing you want to be doing after a tour when you've had a few wines is sorting out a cab home.

Also, look for the flexibility of the tour. If you're booking for a large group or the numbers aren't finalised, make sure the company can be flexible with how many people are on your bus. Or, if you've got favourite wineries you'd like to try, ask them if they'll do a custom tour or tweak an existing tour to suit your preferences.

Personalised pampering or meet new friends on a shared tour? How to choose when both options are so great?!

3. Private or shared tours

How do you decide between a private custom experience or a shared tour with new people?

It's also worth checking with your tour company which option you're selecting before you book, because if you want a private tour but actually are booking the shared experience you might end up sharing your special day with another group.

Private tours:

If you've got a big group of 6 or more people you might prefer your own bus where you can get loud and jolly without worrying about anyone else. If you've got a special occasion (like a hen's weekend or a birthday party) a private tour definitely feels more, well, special. Personalised treatment and the flexibility of a private tour mean the special person or people will really feel pampered.

Shared tours:

Alternatively, if you're coming on a wine tour for a fun day out to get out and adventure in the great Hunter Valley it can be an enjoyable way to meet new people. Newcastle Connections Meetup group regularly runs social tours where everyone comes to make new friends, or you can jump on board one of our shared tours and make some great new connections on the day. It's also a bit cheaper per head for a shared tour.

The choice is yours - your own personalised private pampering or a fun day out making new friends.

Check what "lunch included" means and go with the option that suits you. Want to do your own thing and picnic in the HV Gardens? Or would you rather dine out at the Smelly Cheese Shop? With so many options make sure you're getting exactly what's right for you.

4. The Lunch Spot

Most wine tours of the Hunter Valley include lunch. We strongly recommend that you take this option (if your tour has "lunch as optional") because the restaurants in the Hunter Valley are amazing and having good food in your belly helps you get through a day of drinking. Double check the menu and what food each tour is offering though because some tours just provide a salad wrap while others include 3 course sit down meals. Hunter Valley Winery Tours lunch option is nicely in the middle with a delightful two course sit down meal in one of the best Hunter Valley restaurants, the Cellar Door. It's not too expensive, but it feels really fancy.

5. Compare the prices

You get what you pay for after all. If you pay less, you get less. If you want a cheap and cheerful tour, don't pay top dollar. If you want a luxury experience, you'll be disappointed unless you pay appropriately. If you're coming away for a whole weekend and have booked in amazing accommodation and want to feel like you're having a superb holiday - make sure you're getting a tour that gives you quality service, world-class food and takes you to the best wineries. Make it count and really enjoy the experience.

How do you know which companies provide the best service and have the best connections?

By all means, check out their reviews, check them out on socials, but reviews and socials can be misleading - your best bet is to call them directly. Speak to one of their team and get a feel for how friendly and accommodating they are. Company culture speaks volumes, and if the person on the phone is helpful, chances are the tour will be great.

We offer great prices for exceptional service and stunning Hunter Valley experiences. For the tour of a lifetime, call us today.

And also, ask us - we'll look after you. Keep up to date with the best tips and advice for visiting the Hunter Valley at our website and give us a call today on 0419 719 994 to book your next Hunter Valley experience.


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