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5 Wine Accessories Wine Lovers Rely On

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

A wine enthusiast’s satisfaction doesn't end with stocking great bottles. Tasting a beautifully poured wine with finesse is part of a wine lover's experience. It's a ritual that optimises the wine-drinking experience, thanks to knowledge, expertise and a few accessory essentials. Come along on a Hunter Valley wine tasting tour and experience this first-hand!

5 Best Wine Accessory Essentials

Contrary to popular belief, wine experts aren’t necessarily snobs. Practicality over cost is what counts. As long as the gadgets deliver their function well and do justice to the bottle and its content, it's on the top of the sommelier’s list.

Wine Opener

Whether electronic or hand-operated corkscrews, wine openers come in various sizes and shapes, and most do the job perfectly. The crème de la crème comes with a hollow needle which pierces the cork, allowing you to pour as much wine as you wish, and the cork closes back up once you remove the needle.

Wine Glasses

It's not just crystal that does the trick. Glass with a thin rim is superb, and the shape of the bowl allows aromas in reds and whites to open up. Also, the opening sizes are significant. Red wines taste smoother using a glass with a wide opening.

Wine Preserver And Champagne Stoppers

The remaining wine in the bottle needs to be preserved. The wine preserver keeps oxygen at bay, prolonging the wine's longevity. A simple vacuum pump does a fantastic job. Champagne stoppers keep carbon dioxide in the bottle, and your bubbly will last a little longer.


Their function is to aerate or expose the wine to oxygen which helps smooth out harsh tannins (bitterness) and releases aromas. Usually reserved for red wines, most wine lovers appreciate decanters of the crystal variety. These look elegant and sophisticated on a table and are easy to clean and maintain.

Wine Fridge

Wine connoisseurs insist that temperature control is vital. Too hot, and only the taste of the alcohol is exposed; too cold, and aromas aren't released. You can get away without a dedicated wine cooler by following this simple guideline a short while before serving your wine. Serve whites slightly chilled and reds somewhat warmer.

Every Wine Lover’s Essential Experience

Not all at-home drinkers host official tastings, but every wine lover must have the experience of a professional or, at the very least, a fun wine tasting. Enjoy a social wine-tasting tour and learn all about wines and the wine-tasting process. You can benefit from following in the experts’ footsteps and having an enjoyable weekend getaway while you’re at it.

Hunter Valley Wine Tours offers wine-tasting tour options that will blow your mind! Contact us today and book your essential experience right away!


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