We are so frigging excited to be going on our first-ever Meetup Cruise!


In partnership with the local meetup groups Newcastle Connections, Sen Events and Spider Pigs we're getting together a whole group of people who want to come cruising together, make some friends, join the group activities, or just have someone there as a safety net/ touchpoint to eat dinner with. 

It will be as big as you want it to be. 

Can't wait to do this with you!

27-30 December 2019 HERE WE COME!

All the details & FAQs


Cabin Positioning - if you get motion sickness you’re better off in the middle of the ship on a lower deck because it’s more stable. It’s also good for us to have an idea of who you want your neighbours to be so we can make sure you’re put together (or not) with your friends.


The Ship - we’re going on the Comedy Cruise hosted on the Pacific Explorer, one of P&Os flagship boats. Whiz down waterslides by day, enjoy great restaurants and bars in the evening and catch a great comedy show at night. You can take a virtual tour of the Explorer here: 



Who you will share your cabin with - you can nominate if you’d like to sail solo, go with a friend/s you already know in Twin/Triple/Quad share, or you can share with one-three of the Meetup Friends. If you’d like to share with other people to reduce costs but don’t have anyone to bring with you, we will be sending out a personality/compatibility survey so we can match you with room buddies who will go to bed around the same time as you and might have common interests so you’re most likely to make a great friend or two with a new cabin buddy. 


Buying Alcohol & Drink Packages - Drink packages are not available on the 3-day cruises. You will need to pay for all your drinks as you go, but don’t worry, they’re fairly reasonably priced (we might even do a pub-crawl on board!!)


Cashless Cruising - the Cruise is cashless and careless, so the way you pay for all your fun little extras and drinks is via cruise-cards that are issued to you upon boarding. You can track your spend online, at the desks on board and pay for everything you’ve consumed at the end, so it’s basically a running bar tab.


Food - food is included in the cost of the cruise so you don’t need to worry about paying extra for meals. However, the food that is included is served at the General Dining area where we will have a set reservation for the Meetup Cruise people. If you would like to eat dinner elsewhere and have a fancier experience that will cost extra. 


Meetup Activities - We will have a standing dinner reservation each evening and this is the only compulsory activity that we ask you to join. If you don’t want to have dinner with us please let us know - otherwise, we’ll start to worry about you. It’s about having each other’s backs. Other activities are also available for the whole group and while you don’t have to join we will have a little list of things you can participate in with the group each day. These will include, dance classes, cooking classes, bar crawls, nightly parties and other fun stuff. 


Where does the boat go? - The Cruise leaves from White Bay Terminal in Sydney and leaves out through the heads before going north along the coast up towards Brisbane then it will turn around and come back. It will not stop at another terminal. 


Passports - Because we won't be leaving Australian waters, this means that you do not need your passport. Just a smile, and probably a hat… as a minimum…


Getting to the Cruise Terminal - Newcastle Connections will have a shuttle bus organised for anyone who wants to share it. It will depart from Broadmeadow Station on the Friday morning and drive us all down to the terminal for priority early check-in… which means David can have his first cocktail by 12.30 ready for the send-off party. You don’t have to get the bus with us - you are welcome to make your own way there either by public transport or other means. 

Bus Prices and Times - Newcastle Connections shuttle bus will be driving us directly from Broadmeadow Station, departing 9am Friday morning and returning us all to the same spot after the cruise. It will cost $50 each way (50% discount from their regular transfer pricing because they love us.)


Formal Wear & Party Clothes - There are likely to be a couple of fun parties so we recommend getting your fancy clothes ready. We will give you a full list of party options and their corresponding dress codes (for example, the White Parties mean you have to wear all white). Our Meetup Cruise gang is also likely to organise some kind of matching outfit/t-shirt so we stand out in a crowd. We’re thinking of getting some t-shirts made up but this will depend on numbers and if you guys want that or not. 


Payment dates - full payment for the cruise is due by 30 October so we will need confirmed deposits by 30 September so that we can manage the discount and payments to the travel agent with plenty of advance notice. 

Ballpark payment amounts - These prices are subject to change but if we book it asap they will remain at this price. 



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Pacific Explorer


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